DESIGNMy love of design started in High School as the lead layout editor for the Yearbook committee. Throughout college, most of my design work reveled in student organization logos and event flyers. I went from designing for the occasional campus event, to flyers for parties, and then finally designing for larger events and community leaders.

I have had the opportunity to design cover art for popular independent artists, book covers for novelists, and flyers for non-profits, law firms, and school board officials. I look forward to diversifying my artistic approach by aiding you with your upcoming design needs.

BRANDINGNever take for granted the power of a meaningful logo and brand representation. These elements are usually the first encounter between your company and your potential customers. I make it my duty to capture the essence of what your company represents, identifying its complexities and simplifying its delivery through a refinement that exudes the true quality of what you have to offer.

All branding design projects usually starts with research and sketches. Once I confirm a general direction with you, then I move into the creative development stages. I will always notify you of any significant changes. Upon completion, you will receive your logo and/or brand elements ready for all Online and print uses.

WEBMy process with web design began with learning the basics of HTML in High School. I passed the class, however I never wanted to see coding again — design was my specialty. Thankfully, software has become available in recent years to reward designers like myself with the playground that is web design. I mastered Adobe Muse CC, a program that integrated well with my design setup. Now, I use a platform called Webflow, which is an unprecedented improvement to what I was capable of creating in Muse. This new platform provides me with the incredible flexibility to create robust and responsive websites, capable of handling just about any of your Online needs.

Contact me today so we can discuss how I can best accommodate your web design needs.

 AVAILABILITYI am currently accepting new freelance requests for the listed services only. As a solo-entrepreneur, my availability is limited, therefore your project may be subject to a 1–4 week wait period while other requests are being processed. (In addition to the time it takes to fulfill your designs). If you would prefer not to wait, I can refer you to other trustworthy designers in my network that may be more promptly available for you.

If you would like an estimate on your proposed project, please feel free to reach me via the Contact Page.

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